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Privacy Policy

This page explains how we collect information required to use or view our services and how we use that information to bring the best experience to our customers and users.

Collection of Information

Certain information is required to associate a participant with their results, or to associate an individual with the correct social-media account in order to post an update containing participant results. This information may include a participant's name, race bib or ID number, and any unique identifiers which are required by social media apps or platforms to post to an individual's timeline, news feed, et cetera. For example, if a user logs in to Facebook to allow our app to post a participant's results to their timeline, an access key is provided to the app by Facebook for later use during the posting process.

The information we collect is stored securely until it is no longer needed. As of 4/1/2015, Facebook app access expires within 60 days of the initial activation, unless reactivated by the Facebook account user, either via their own initiative or a subsequent app request. Our app will not re-request access to any Facebook account unless a new tracking request is made by the user and a new access key is required; otherwise, it will be entirely up to the user if they wish to continue to allow access.

Use of Information

Information we collect is only used to associate results with the appropriate individual and, if a user is registered for social media services, to post the requested results on the appropriate service. Information displayed may include the participant's name, the results of their participation in the event (place, overall time, etc.). Information displayed will not include any sensitive social media account information, such as access keys or user information (unless the user's name is identical to the participant's name). No information will ever be sold, marketed, or otherwise disseminated in any way.