Timing Updates

Track the progress of any athlete in the Fort4Fitness. When your athlete crosses timing checkpoints along the course, receive an alert via email or text message. Signing up for athlete tracking alerts is easy and free1:

  1. find athletes to track
  2. choose how to track
  3. confirm your selections

  • The marathon will generate updates at 15k, half, 19.3mi, and finish. The earliest marathon updates will go out around 7:55 AM. The 10k will generate updates at 3.1mi and finish (6.2mi). The earliest 10k updates will go out around 7:50 AM. The half-marathon will generate updates at 5mi, 10mi, and finish (13.1mi). The earliest half-marathon updates will go out around 9:00 AM. The 4-mile race will only generate finish updates, and the earliest of those will go out around 10:55 AM.

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You must be 13 years or older, or have a parent or guardian's permission to use this service.
You will recieve 1 to 4 messages on race day (10/1/2016). To opt-out of this service text "STOP TIMES" to 343-434. If you need HELP, you can text HELP to short code 343-434 or send an email to service@theendresultco.com with your phone number and the word "HELP" in the subject line.
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